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Tools: Free Restaurant Cleaning Checklist Plus Schedule

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist and Schedule

Daily Cleaning Tasks:

  1. Front of House:

    • Sweep and mop dining areas.

    • Wipe down tables and chairs.

    • Clean and sanitize high-touch surfaces (menus, door handles, POS terminals).

    • Empty and sanitize trash bins.

    • Clean and restock condiment stations.

    • Vacuum carpets if applicable.

  1. Back of House:

    • Sweep and mop kitchen floors.

    • Clean and sanitize food preparation surfaces.

    • Wash and sanitize cutting boards and utensils.

    • Empty and clean grease traps.

    • Empty and sanitize trash bins.

    • Clean and sanitize kitchen equipment (ovens, grills, fryers).

    • Wash and sanitize dishware and kitchen tools.

    • Wipe down walls and shelves.

  1. Bathroom:

    • Clean and disinfect sinks, toilets, and urinals.

    • Restock toilet paper, soap, and paper towels.

    • Clean and sanitize bathroom fixtures.

    • Sweep and mop bathroom floors.

    • Empty and sanitize trash bins.

  1. General:

    • Dust all surfaces (shelves, decorations, light fixtures).

    • Check and refill hand sanitizer stations.

    • Inspect and replace burnt-out light bulbs.

    • Sweep and mop entryways and sidewalks.

    • Clean and sanitize employee break areas.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks:

  1. Front of House:

    • Vacuum and spot clean upholstery.

    • Clean and sanitize condiment containers.

    • Dust blinds and window sills.

    • Clean and sanitize beverage dispensers.

    • Polish glass surfaces.

  1. Back of House:

    • Deep clean ovens, grills, and fryers.

    • Clean and sanitize refrigerators and freezers.

    • Empty and clean storage shelves.

    • Clean and sanitize kitchen exhaust hoods and filters.

    • Sanitize cutting boards and knife racks.

    • Wash kitchen aprons and towels.

  1. Bathroom:

    • Scrub and disinfect tile grout.

    • Clean and sanitize mirrors.

    • Check for any plumbing issues.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks:

  1. Front of House:

    • Steam clean carpets if applicable.

    • Dust and clean ceiling fans.

    • Clean and sanitize window glass.

  1. Back of House:

    • Empty and clean the grease trap.

    • Deep clean walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

    • Clean and sanitize the dishwashing machine.

  1. Bathroom:

    • Check and replace air fresheners.

    • Clean and sanitize ventilation fans.

    • Inspect plumbing for leaks or issues.

Quarterly Cleaning Tasks:

  1. Front of House:

    • Clean and sanitize HVAC vents.

    • Check and replace filters in air conditioning units.

  1. Back of House:

    • Conduct a deep cleaning of the entire kitchen.

    • Inspect and service kitchen equipment.

Annual Cleaning Tasks:

  1. Front of House and Back of House:

    • Schedule a professional pest control service.

    • Deep clean and sanitize all areas thoroughly.

Remember to keep detailed records of your cleaning tasks and schedule to ensure compliance and maintain a clean and safe restaurant environment. Adjust the schedule as needed based on the specific needs of your establishment.

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